Commit 49f2339c authored by Keiji Costantini's avatar Keiji Costantini Committed by Robert Swain
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Remove in_asm_used_var_warning_killer()

Patch by Keiji Costantini ( strites gmail com )

Originally committed as revision 26706 to svn://
parent 9b3cdc2e
......@@ -362,16 +362,6 @@ const char *sws_format_name(enum PixelFormat format)
#if defined(ARCH_X86) && defined (CONFIG_GPL)
void in_asm_used_var_warning_killer()
volatile int i= bF8+bFC+w10+
ff_M24A+ff_M24B+ff_M24C+w02 + b5Dither+g5Dither+r5Dither+g6Dither+ff_dither4[0]+ff_dither8[0]+bm01010101;
if (i) i=0;
static inline void yuv2yuvXinC(int16_t *lumFilter, int16_t **lumSrc, int lumFilterSize,
int16_t *chrFilter, int16_t **chrSrc, int chrFilterSize,
uint8_t *dest, uint8_t *uDest, uint8_t *vDest, int dstW, int chrDstW)
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