Commit 4a24ab64 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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Rename pp variable to postproc for consistency.

Originally committed as revision 12376 to svn://
parent 6bd859d6
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ lib:
$(MAKE) -C libavcodec all
$(MAKE) -C libavformat all
$(MAKE) -C libavdevice all
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_PP)) -C libpostproc all
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_POSTPROC)) -C libpostproc all
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_SWSCALER)) -C libswscale all
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_AVFILTER)) -C libavfilter all
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ install-libs:
$(MAKE) -C libavcodec install-libs
$(MAKE) -C libavformat install-libs
$(MAKE) -C libavdevice install-libs
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_PP)) -C libpostproc install-libs
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_POSTPROC)) -C libpostproc install-libs
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_SWSCALER)) -C libswscale install-libs
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_AVFILTER)) -C libavfilter install-libs
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ install-headers:
$(MAKE) -C libavcodec install-headers
$(MAKE) -C libavformat install-headers
$(MAKE) -C libavdevice install-headers
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_PP)) -C libpostproc install-headers
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_POSTPROC)) -C libpostproc install-headers
$(MAKE) -C libswscale install-headers
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_AVFILTER)) -C libavfilter install-headers
......@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ depend dep: .depend .vhookdep
$(MAKE) -C libavcodec depend
$(MAKE) -C libavformat depend
$(MAKE) -C libavdevice depend
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_PP)) -C libpostproc depend
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_POSTPROC)) -C libpostproc depend
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_SWSCALER)) -C libswscale depend
$(MAKE-$(CONFIG_AVFILTER)) -C libavfilter depend
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ show_help(){
echo " and ffmpeg will be under GPL [default=no]"
echo " --enable-nonfree allow use of nonfree code, the resulting libav*"
echo " and ffmpeg will be unredistributable [default=no]"
echo " --enable-pp enable GPLed postprocessing support [default=no]"
echo " --enable-postproc enable GPLed postprocessing support [default=no]"
echo " --enable-swscaler software scaler support [default=no]"
echo " --enable-avfilter video filter support (replaces vhook) [default=no]"
echo " --enable-avfilter-lavf video filters dependant on avformat [default=no]"
......@@ -658,8 +658,8 @@ CONFIG_LIST="
......@@ -1347,7 +1347,7 @@ if ! enabled gpl; then
enabled_any $@ && die "$name is under GPL and --enable-gpl is not specified."
die_gpl_disabled "The Postprocessing code" pp
die_gpl_disabled "The Postprocessing code" postproc
die_gpl_disabled "liba52" liba52
die_gpl_disabled "libx264" libx264
die_gpl_disabled "libxvidcore" libxvid
......@@ -1893,7 +1893,7 @@ echo "strip symbols ${dostrip-no}"
echo "optimizations ${optimizations-no}"
echo "static ${static-no}"
echo "shared ${shared-no}"
echo "postprocessing support ${pp-no}"
echo "postprocessing support ${postproc-no}"
echo "software scaler enabled ${swscaler-no}"
echo "new filter support ${avfilter-no}"
echo "filters using lavformat ${avfilter_lavf-no}"
......@@ -2175,7 +2175,7 @@ pkgconfig_generate_uninstalled libavformat "FFmpeg container format library" "$L
pkgconfig_generate libavdevice "FFmpeg device handling library" "$LIBAVDEVICE_VERSION" "-lavdevice $extralibs" "$pkg_requires libavformat = $LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION"
pkgconfig_generate_uninstalled libavdevice "FFmpeg device handling library" "$LIBAVDEVICE_VERSION" "$extralibs" "$pkg_requires libavformat = $LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION"
if enabled pp; then
if enabled postproc; then
pkgconfig_generate libpostproc "FFmpeg post processing library" "$LIBPOSTPROC_VERSION" -lpostproc ""
pkgconfig_generate_uninstalled libpostproc "FFmpeg post processing library" "$LIBPOSTPROC_VERSION"
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