Commit 4ec153bb authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov

avio: make udp_set_remote_url/get_local_port internal.

parent 4377fafd
......@@ -433,9 +433,9 @@ set the time to live value (for multicast only)
@item connect=@var{1|0}
Initialize the UDP socket with @code{connect()}. In this case, the
destination address can't be changed with udp_set_remote_url later.
destination address can't be changed with ff_udp_set_remote_url later.
If the destination address isn't known at the start, this option can
be specified in udp_set_remote_url, too.
be specified in ff_udp_set_remote_url, too.
This allows finding out the source address for the packets with getsockname,
and makes writes return with AVERROR(ECONNREFUSED) if "destination
unreachable" is received.
......@@ -448,6 +448,9 @@ attribute_deprecated void put_flush_packet(AVIOContext *s);
attribute_deprecated int url_feof(AVIOContext *s);
attribute_deprecated int url_ferror(AVIOContext *s);
attribute_deprecated int udp_set_remote_url(URLContext *h, const char *uri);
attribute_deprecated int udp_get_local_port(URLContext *h);
AVIOContext *avio_alloc_context(
......@@ -675,9 +678,6 @@ void init_checksum(AVIOContext *s,
unsigned long (*update_checksum)(unsigned long c, const uint8_t *p, unsigned int len),
unsigned long checksum);
/* udp.c */
int udp_set_remote_url(URLContext *h, const char *uri);
int udp_get_local_port(URLContext *h);
int udp_get_file_handle(URLContext *h);
......@@ -70,5 +70,9 @@ int ffio_read_pause(AVIOContext *h, int pause);
int64_t ffio_read_seek (AVIOContext *h, int stream_index,
int64_t timestamp, int flags);
/* udp.c */
int ff_udp_set_remote_url(URLContext *h, const char *uri);
int ff_udp_get_local_port(URLContext *h);
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
#include "libavutil/parseutils.h"
#include "libavutil/avstring.h"
#include "avformat.h"
#include "avio_internal.h"
#include "rtpdec.h"
#include <unistd.h>
......@@ -71,10 +72,10 @@ int rtp_set_remote_url(URLContext *h, const char *uri)
path, sizeof(path), uri);
ff_url_join(buf, sizeof(buf), "udp", NULL, hostname, port, "%s", path);
udp_set_remote_url(s->rtp_hd, buf);
ff_udp_set_remote_url(s->rtp_hd, buf);
ff_url_join(buf, sizeof(buf), "udp", NULL, hostname, port + 1, "%s", path);
udp_set_remote_url(s->rtcp_hd, buf);
ff_udp_set_remote_url(s->rtcp_hd, buf);
return 0;
......@@ -191,7 +192,7 @@ static int rtp_open(URLContext *h, const char *uri, int flags)
if (url_open(&s->rtp_hd, buf, flags) < 0)
goto fail;
if (local_rtp_port>=0 && local_rtcp_port<0)
local_rtcp_port = udp_get_local_port(s->rtp_hd) + 1;
local_rtcp_port = ff_udp_get_local_port(s->rtp_hd) + 1;
build_udp_url(buf, sizeof(buf),
hostname, rtcp_port, local_rtcp_port, ttl, max_packet_size,
......@@ -326,7 +327,7 @@ static int rtp_close(URLContext *h)
int rtp_get_local_rtp_port(URLContext *h)
RTPContext *s = h->priv_data;
return udp_get_local_port(s->rtp_hd);
return ff_udp_get_local_port(s->rtp_hd);
......@@ -338,7 +339,7 @@ int rtp_get_local_rtp_port(URLContext *h)
int rtp_get_local_rtcp_port(URLContext *h)
RTPContext *s = h->priv_data;
return udp_get_local_port(s->rtcp_hd);
return ff_udp_get_local_port(s->rtcp_hd);
static int rtp_get_file_handle(URLContext *h)
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
#define _BSD_SOURCE /* Needed for using struct ip_mreq with recent glibc */
#define _DARWIN_C_SOURCE /* Needed for using IP_MULTICAST_TTL on OS X */
#include "avformat.h"
#include "avio_internal.h"
#include "libavutil/parseutils.h"
#include <unistd.h>
#include "internal.h"
......@@ -243,7 +244,7 @@ static int udp_port(struct sockaddr_storage *addr, int addr_len)
* @param uri of the remote server
* @return zero if no error.
int udp_set_remote_url(URLContext *h, const char *uri)
int ff_udp_set_remote_url(URLContext *h, const char *uri)
UDPContext *s = h->priv_data;
char hostname[256], buf[10];
......@@ -282,7 +283,7 @@ int udp_set_remote_url(URLContext *h, const char *uri)
* @param h media file context
* @return the local port number
int udp_get_local_port(URLContext *h)
int ff_udp_get_local_port(URLContext *h)
UDPContext *s = h->priv_data;
return s->local_port;
......@@ -365,7 +366,7 @@ static int udp_open(URLContext *h, const char *uri, int flags)
if (flags & URL_WRONLY)
goto fail;
} else {
if (udp_set_remote_url(h, uri) < 0)
if (ff_udp_set_remote_url(h, uri) < 0)
goto fail;
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