Commit 4eec2606 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Remove unused variable from flv_read_metabody() found by CSA.

Originally committed as revision 18571 to svn://
parent 29322398
......@@ -223,12 +223,11 @@ static int flv_read_metabody(AVFormatContext *s, int64_t next_pos) {
AMFDataType type;
AVStream *stream, *astream, *vstream;
ByteIOContext *ioc;
int i, keylen;
int i;
char buffer[11]; //only needs to hold the string "onMetaData". Anything longer is something we don't want.
astream = NULL;
vstream = NULL;
keylen = 0;
ioc = s->pb;
//first object needs to be "onMetaData" string
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