Commit 4f74c585 authored by Aurelien Jacobs's avatar Aurelien Jacobs
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use if() instead of #ifdef and ensure all possible optimisations are enabled

Originally committed as revision 9320 to svn://
parent f6de217b
...@@ -4138,25 +4138,15 @@ void dsputil_init(DSPContext* c, AVCodecContext *avctx) ...@@ -4138,25 +4138,15 @@ void dsputil_init(DSPContext* c, AVCodecContext *avctx)
memset(c->put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab, 0, sizeof(c->put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab)); memset(c->put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab, 0, sizeof(c->put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab));
memset(c->avg_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab, 0, sizeof(c->avg_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab)); memset(c->avg_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab, 0, sizeof(c->avg_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab));
#if defined(HAVE_MMX) if (ENABLE_MMX) dsputil_init_mmx (c, avctx);
dsputil_init_mmx(c, avctx); if (ENABLE_ARMV4L) dsputil_init_armv4l(c, avctx);
#elif defined(ARCH_ARMV4L) if (ENABLE_MLIB) dsputil_init_mlib (c, avctx);
dsputil_init_armv4l(c, avctx); if (ENABLE_SPARC) dsputil_init_vis (c, avctx);
#elif defined(HAVE_MLIB) if (ENABLE_ALPHA) dsputil_init_alpha (c, avctx);
dsputil_init_mlib(c, avctx); if (ENABLE_POWERPC) dsputil_init_ppc (c, avctx);
#elif defined(ARCH_SPARC) if (ENABLE_MMI) dsputil_init_mmi (c, avctx);
dsputil_init_vis(c,avctx); if (ENABLE_SH4) dsputil_init_sh4 (c, avctx);
#elif defined(ARCH_ALPHA) if (ENABLE_BFIN) dsputil_init_bfin (c, avctx);
dsputil_init_alpha(c, avctx);
#elif defined(ARCH_POWERPC)
dsputil_init_ppc(c, avctx);
#elif defined(HAVE_MMI)
dsputil_init_mmi(c, avctx);
#elif defined(ARCH_SH4)
#elif defined(ARCH_BFIN)
for(i=0; i<64; i++){ for(i=0; i<64; i++){
if(!c->put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab[0][i]) if(!c->put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab[0][i])
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