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update last major version increase dates in APIchanges

parent 14e3b120
Never assume the API of libav* to be stable unless at least 1 week has passed since
the last major version increase.
The last version increases were:
libavcodec: ?
libavdevice: ?
libavfilter: 2009-10-18
libavformat: ?
libpostproc: ?
libswscale: ?
libavutil: 2009-03-08
libavcodec: 2011-04-18
libavdevice: 2011-04-18
libavfilter: 2011-04-18
libavformat: 2011-04-18
libpostproc: 2011-04-18
libswscale: 2011-04-18
libavutil: 2011-04-18
API changes, most recent first:
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