Commit 54b78b24 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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make decode look more like encode

Originally committed as revision 7491 to svn://
parent cc858970
......@@ -75,14 +75,14 @@ static inline void mix(uint8_t state[4][4], uint32_t multbl[4][256]){
void av_aes_decrypt(AVAES *a){
int t, r;
addkey(a->state, a->round_dec_key[a->rounds]);
for(r=a->rounds-2; r>=0; r--){
for(r=a->rounds; r>1; r--){
addkey(a->state, a->round_dec_key[r]);
mix(a->state, dec_multbl);
addkey(a->state, a->round_dec_key[r+1]);
addkey(a->state, a->round_dec_key[1]);
SUBSHIFT0((a->state[0]+0), inv_sbox)
SUBSHIFT3((a->state[0]+1), inv_sbox)
SUBSHIFT2((a->state[0]+2), inv_sbox)
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