Commit 5590cc78 authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö
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rtpdec_svq3: Return the timestamp in *timestamp instead of pkt->pts

The timestamp of the first RTP packet forming the output AVPacket is
written back in *timestamp, which is used in later calculations in generic
rtpdec code (together with RTCP sync timestamps) to form the final pkt->pts

Originally committed as revision 24235 to svn://
parent d74c6145
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ static int svq3_parse_packet (AVFormatContext *s, PayloadContext *sv,
if (end_packet) {
pkt->stream_index = st->index;
pkt->pts = sv->timestamp;
*timestamp = sv->timestamp;
pkt->flags = sv->is_keyframe ? AV_PKT_FLAG_KEY : 0;
pkt->size = url_close_dyn_buf(sv->pktbuf, &pkt->data);
pkt->destruct = av_destruct_packet;
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