Commit 575db883 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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configure: Rename check_asm() to more fitting check_inline_asm()

parent e017c875
......@@ -660,8 +660,8 @@ check_as(){
check_cmd $as $CPPFLAGS $ASFLAGS "$@" $AS_C -o $TMPO $TMPC
log check_asm "$@"
log check_inline_asm "$@"
shift 2
......@@ -2833,31 +2833,31 @@ EOF
warn "Compiler does not indicate floating-point ABI, guessing $fpabi."
enabled armv5te && check_asm armv5te '"qadd r0, r0, r0"'
enabled armv6 && check_asm armv6 '"sadd16 r0, r0, r0"'
enabled armv6t2 && check_asm armv6t2 '"movt r0, #0"'
enabled armvfp && check_asm armvfp '"fadds s0, s0, s0"'
enabled neon && check_asm neon '"vadd.i16 q0, q0, q0"'
enabled vfpv3 && check_asm vfpv3 '"vmov.f32 s0, #1.0"'
enabled armv5te && check_inline_asm armv5te '"qadd r0, r0, r0"'
enabled armv6 && check_inline_asm armv6 '"sadd16 r0, r0, r0"'
enabled armv6t2 && check_inline_asm armv6t2 '"movt r0, #0"'
enabled armvfp && check_inline_asm armvfp '"fadds s0, s0, s0"'
enabled neon && check_inline_asm neon '"vadd.i16 q0, q0, q0"'
enabled vfpv3 && check_inline_asm vfpv3 '"vmov.f32 s0, #1.0"'
check_asm asm_mod_q '"add r0, %Q0, %R0" :: "r"((long long)0)'
check_asm asm_mod_y '"vmul.i32 d0, d0, %y0" :: "x"(0)'
check_inline_asm asm_mod_q '"add r0, %Q0, %R0" :: "r"((long long)0)'
check_inline_asm asm_mod_y '"vmul.i32 d0, d0, %y0" :: "x"(0)'
enabled_all armv6t2 shared !pic && enable_pic
elif enabled mips; then
check_asm loongson '"dmult.g $1, $2, $3"'
enabled mmi && check_asm mmi '"lq $2, 0($2)"'
check_inline_asm loongson '"dmult.g $1, $2, $3"'
enabled mmi && check_inline_asm mmi '"lq $2, 0($2)"'
elif enabled ppc; then
enable local_aligned_8 local_aligned_16
check_asm dcbzl '"dcbzl 0, %0" :: "r"(0)'
check_asm ibm_asm '"add 0, 0, 0"'
check_asm ppc4xx '"maclhw r10, r11, r12"'
check_asm xform_asm '"lwzx %1, %y0" :: "Z"(*(int*)0), "r"(0)'
check_inline_asm dcbzl '"dcbzl 0, %0" :: "r"(0)'
check_inline_asm ibm_asm '"add 0, 0, 0"'
check_inline_asm ppc4xx '"maclhw r10, r11, r12"'
check_inline_asm xform_asm '"lwzx %1, %y0" :: "Z"(*(int*)0), "r"(0)'
# AltiVec flags: The FSF version of GCC differs from the Apple version
if enabled altivec; then
......@@ -2885,7 +2885,8 @@ EOF
elif enabled sparc; then
enabled vis && check_asm vis '"pdist %f0, %f0, %f0"' -mcpu=ultrasparc &&
enabled vis &&
check_inline_asm vis '"pdist %f0, %f0, %f0"' -mcpu=ultrasparc &&
add_cflags -mcpu=ultrasparc -mtune=ultrasparc
elif enabled x86; then
......@@ -2912,15 +2913,15 @@ elif enabled x86; then
# check whether EBX is available on x86
check_asm ebx_available '""::"b"(0)' &&
check_asm ebx_available '"":::"%ebx"'
check_inline_asm ebx_available '""::"b"(0)' &&
check_inline_asm ebx_available '"":::"%ebx"'
# check whether xmm clobbers are supported
check_asm xmm_clobbers '"":::"%xmm0"'
check_inline_asm xmm_clobbers '"":::"%xmm0"'
# check whether binutils is new enough to compile SSSE3/MMXEXT
enabled ssse3 && check_asm ssse3 '"pabsw %xmm0, %xmm0"'
enabled mmxext && check_asm mmxext '"pmaxub %mm0, %mm1"'
enabled ssse3 && check_inline_asm ssse3 '"pabsw %xmm0, %xmm0"'
enabled mmxext && check_inline_asm mmxext '"pmaxub %mm0, %mm1"'
if ! disabled_any asm mmx yasm; then
if check_cmd $yasmexe --version; then
......@@ -2956,7 +2957,7 @@ fi
if enabled asm; then
check_asm gnu_as '".macro m n\n\\ 0\n.endm\nm x"' ||
check_inline_asm gnu_as '".macro m n\n\\ 0\n.endm\nm x"' ||
$nogas "GNU assembler not found, install gas-preprocessor"
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