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Fix grammar in the ocv_smooth filter documentation.

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......@@ -119,11 +119,11 @@ Apply smooth transform using libopencv.
To enable this filter install libopencv library and headers and
configure FFmpeg with --enable-libopencv.
It accepts the following parameters:
The filter accepts the following parameters:
@var{type} is the type of smooth filter to apply, and can be one of
the following value: "blur", "blur_no_scale", "median", "gaussian",
the following values: "blur", "blur_no_scale", "median", "gaussian",
"bilateral". The default value is "gaussian".
@var{param1}, @var{param2}, @var{param3}, and @var{param4} are
......@@ -134,8 +134,8 @@ parameters whose meanings depend on smooth type. @var{param1} and
The default value for @var{param1} is 3, the default value for the
other parameters is 0.
These parameters corresponds to the parameters assigned to the
libopencv function @code{cvSmooth}. Refer the official libopencv
These parameters correspond to the parameters assigned to the
libopencv function @code{cvSmooth}. Refer to the official libopencv
documentation for the exact meaning of the parameters:
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