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Document the same functions, in the same order, that eval.c has.

Originally committed as revision 16586 to svn://
parent 27ab726e
......@@ -838,16 +838,22 @@ The following functions are available:
@item sin(x)
@item cos(x)
@item tan(x)
@item atan(x)
@item asin(x)
@item acos(x)
@item exp(x)
@item log(x)
@item abs(x)
@item squish(x)
@item gauss(x)
@item abs(x)
@item mod(x, y)
@item max(x, y)
@item min(x, y)
@item eq(x, y)
@item gte(x, y)
@item gt(x, y)
@item lte(x, y)
@item lt(x, y)
@item eq(x, y)
@item bits2qp(bits)
@item qp2bits(qp)
@end table
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