Commit 5a352b14 authored by Zuxy Meng's avatar Zuxy Meng
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Fix a typo that causes an assertion to always fail.

Reported by Alexander Bokovikov (openworld AT uralweb DOT ru)

Originally committed as revision 26257 to svn://
parent d85d7a0b
......@@ -2395,7 +2395,7 @@ SwsContext *sws_getContext(int srcW, int srcH, int srcFormat, int dstW, int dstH
//try to avoid drawing green stuff between the right end and the stride end
for (i=0; i<c->vChrBufSize; i++) memset(c->chrPixBuf[i], 64, (VOF+1)*2);
assert(2*VOF == VOFW);
assert(2*VOFW == VOF);
ASSERT(c->chrDstH <= dstH)
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