Commit 5ac8eda5 authored by Alexander Strasser's avatar Alexander Strasser
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Make out of source dir build work again.

Patch originally from Justin Ruggles > jruggle ta earthlink tod net <
and reordered by me to be more diff friendly.

Originally committed as revision 4497 to svn://
parent 31abdc45
......@@ -1619,10 +1619,11 @@ fi
if test "$source_path_used" = "yes" ; then
DIRS="doc libavformat libavcodec libavcodec/alpha libavcodec/armv4l \
libavcodec/i386 libavcodec/sparc libavcodec/mlib \
libavcodec/ppc libavcodec/liba52 libavcodec/libpostproc tests vhook"
libavcodec/ppc libavcodec/liba52 libavcodec/libpostproc tests \
vhook libavutil"
FILES="Makefile libavformat/Makefile libavcodec/Makefile \
libavcodec/libpostproc/Makefile tests/Makefile vhook/Makefile \
doc/Makefile doc/"
doc/Makefile doc/ libavutil/Makefile"
for dir in $DIRS ; do
mkdir -p $dir
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