Commit 5e49e762 authored by Tom Harper's avatar Tom Harper Committed by Diego Biurrun
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Fix linking on Intel Mac due to local relocation entries in

non-writable sections.
patch by Tom Harper d.thomas.harper gmail com

Originally committed as revision 7354 to svn://
parent 56a059ac
......@@ -753,7 +753,7 @@ video4linux2="no"
SHFLAGS="-dynamiclib -Wl,-single_module -Wl,-install_name,\$(shlibdir)/\$(SLIBNAME),-current_version,\$(SPPVERSION),-compatibility_version,\$(SPPVERSION)"
SHFLAGS="-dynamiclib -Wl,-single_module -Wl,-install_name,\$(shlibdir)/\$(SLIBNAME),-current_version,\$(SPPVERSION),-compatibility_version,\$(SPPVERSION) -read_only_relocs suppress"
VHOOKSHFLAGS='-dynamiclib -Wl,-single_module -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -Wl,-install_name,$(shlibdir)/vhook/$@'
strip="strip -x"
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