Commit 5e4aa542 authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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reduce display aspect ratio

Originally committed as revision 16732 to svn://
parent 24d6a613
......@@ -558,6 +558,7 @@ static void mxf_write_mpegvideo_desc(AVFormatContext *s, AVStream *st)
ByteIOContext *pb = s->pb;
int stored_height = (st->codec->height+15)/16*16;
AVRational dar;
mxf_write_generic_desc(pb, st, mxf_mpegvideo_descriptor_key);
......@@ -567,9 +568,14 @@ static void mxf_write_mpegvideo_desc(AVFormatContext *s, AVStream *st)
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, 4, 0x3202);
put_be32(pb, stored_height);
av_reduce(&dar.num, &dar.den,
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, 8, 0x320E);
put_be32(pb, st->codec->height * st->sample_aspect_ratio.den);
put_be32(pb, st->codec->width * st->sample_aspect_ratio.num);
put_be32(pb, dar.num);
put_be32(pb, dar.den);
static void mxf_write_wav_desc(AVFormatContext *s, AVStream *st)
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