Commit 5fe4aad7 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Correct normalization constant for the vertical filter, iam not

completely sure why this was at such incorrect value, but i could
not find any problems when it was set correctly.

Originally committed as revision 27575 to svn://
parent ac0ad729
......@@ -2434,11 +2434,11 @@ SwsContext *sws_getContext(int srcW, int srcH, int srcFormat, int dstW, int dstH
initFilter(&c->vLumFilter, &c->vLumFilterPos, &c->vLumFilterSize, c->lumYInc,
srcH , dstH, filterAlign, (1<<12)-4,
srcH , dstH, filterAlign, (1<<12),
(flags&SWS_BICUBLIN) ? (flags|SWS_BICUBIC) : flags,
srcFilter->lumV, dstFilter->lumV, c->param);
initFilter(&c->vChrFilter, &c->vChrFilterPos, &c->vChrFilterSize, c->chrYInc,
c->chrSrcH, c->chrDstH, filterAlign, (1<<12)-4,
c->chrSrcH, c->chrDstH, filterAlign, (1<<12),
(flags&SWS_BICUBLIN) ? (flags|SWS_BILINEAR) : flags,
srcFilter->chrV, dstFilter->chrV, c->param);
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