Commit 60e73066 authored by Anssi Hannula's avatar Anssi Hannula Committed by Mans Rullgard
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mpegts: set st->disposition according to ISO 639 language descriptor

Signed-off-by: default avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent 935ee1b9
......@@ -954,6 +954,11 @@ int ff_parse_mpeg2_descriptor(AVFormatContext *fc, AVStream *st, int stream_type
language[2] = get8(pp, desc_end);
language[3] = 0;
av_metadata_set2(&st->metadata, "language", language, 0);
switch (get8(pp, desc_end)) {
case 0x01: st->disposition |= AV_DISPOSITION_CLEAN_EFFECTS; break;
case 0x02: st->disposition |= AV_DISPOSITION_HEARING_IMPAIRED; break;
case 0x03: st->disposition |= AV_DISPOSITION_VISUAL_IMPAIRED; break;
case 0x05: /* registration descriptor */
st->codec->codec_tag = bytestream_get_le32(pp);
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