Commit 612a5049 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov

avserver: do not use a static string as a default for a string option

Fixes an invalid free.

Bug-id: 448
parent 7684a361
......@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ static int rtp_new_av_stream(HTTPContext *c,
static const char *my_program_name;
static const char *config_filename = "/etc/avserver.conf";
static const char *config_filename;
static int avserver_debug;
static int no_launch;
......@@ -4633,6 +4633,8 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
struct sigaction sigact = { { 0 } };
config_filename = av_strdup("/etc/avserver.conf");
parse_loglevel(argc, argv, options);
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