Commit 61d36761 authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö
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movenc: Simplify code by using avio_wb24

Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Storsjö <>
parent 4e0bc996
......@@ -305,8 +305,7 @@ static int mov_write_esds_tag(AVIOContext *pb, MOVTrack *track) // Basic
avio_w8(pb, 0x11); // flags (= Visualstream)
avio_w8(pb, track->enc->rc_buffer_size>>(3+16)); // Buffersize DB (24 bits)
avio_wb16(pb, (track->enc->rc_buffer_size>>3)&0xFFFF); // Buffersize DB
avio_wb24(pb, track->enc->rc_buffer_size >> 3); // Buffersize DB
avio_wb32(pb, FFMAX(track->enc->bit_rate, track->enc->rc_max_rate)); // maxbitrate (FIXME should be max rate in any 1 sec window)
if(track->enc->rc_max_rate != track->enc->rc_min_rate || track->enc->rc_min_rate==0)
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