Commit 626264b1 authored by Justin Ruggles's avatar Justin Ruggles Committed by Mans Rullgard
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ac3enc: Remove unneeded clipping of shift amount.

s->windowed_samples will always have a range of [-32767,32767] due to the
window function, so the return value from log2_tab() will always be in the
range [0,14].
Signed-off-by: default avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent d4582889
......@@ -309,7 +309,6 @@ static void lshift_tab(int16_t *tab, int n, unsigned int lshift)
static int normalize_samples(AC3EncodeContext *s)
int v = 14 - log2_tab(s->windowed_samples, AC3_WINDOW_SIZE);
v = FFMAX(0, v);
lshift_tab(s->windowed_samples, AC3_WINDOW_SIZE, v);
return v - 9;
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