Commit 6282c5f4 authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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print stream index in error message

Originally committed as revision 12605 to svn://
parent 71f36235
......@@ -1237,7 +1237,8 @@ static int mov_read_trak(MOVContext *c, ByteIOContext *pb, MOV_atom_t atom)
/* sanity checks */
if(!sc->stts_count || !sc->chunk_count || !sc->sample_to_chunk_sz ||
(!sc->sample_size && !sc->sample_count)){
av_log(c->fc, AV_LOG_ERROR, "missing mandatory atoms, broken header\n");
av_log(c->fc, AV_LOG_ERROR, "stream %d, missing mandatory atoms, broken header\n",
sc->sample_count = 0; //ignore track
return 0;
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