Commit 6371ce4b authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun

h264: Fix assert that failed to compile with -DDEBUG.

The assert referenced a variable that no longer exists since 4:4:4 support.
parent 84e70ef0
......@@ -1682,7 +1682,7 @@ static av_always_inline void hl_decode_mb_predict_luma(H264Context *h, int mb_ty
uint64_t tr_high;
if(dir == DIAG_DOWN_LEFT_PRED || dir == VERT_LEFT_PRED){
const int topright_avail= (h->topright_samples_available<<i)&0x8000;
assert(mb_y || linesize <= block_offset[i]);
assert(s->mb_y || linesize <= block_offset[i]);
if (pixel_shift) {
tr_high= ((uint16_t*)ptr)[3 - linesize/2]*0x0001000100010001ULL;
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