Commit 67e21020 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Document a few url_* functions.

Originally committed as revision 12537 to svn://
parent 117a9190
......@@ -207,11 +207,36 @@ void put_tag(ByteIOContext *s, const char *tag);
void put_strz(ByteIOContext *s, const char *buf);
* fseek() equivalent for ByteIOContext.
* @return new position or AVERROR.
offset_t url_fseek(ByteIOContext *s, offset_t offset, int whence);
* Skip given number of bytes forward.
* @param offset number of bytes
void url_fskip(ByteIOContext *s, offset_t offset);
* ftell() equivalent for ByteIOContext.
* @return position or AVERROR.
offset_t url_ftell(ByteIOContext *s);
* Gets the filesize.
* @return filesize or AVERROR
offset_t url_fsize(ByteIOContext *s);
* feof() equivalent for ByteIOContext.
* @return non zero if and only if end of file
int url_feof(ByteIOContext *s);
int url_ferror(ByteIOContext *s);
int av_url_read_fpause(ByteIOContext *h, int pause);
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