Commit 69768b77 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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test interlaced motion estimation too

Originally committed as revision 2644 to svn://
parent 273977d8
......@@ -5,9 +5,9 @@ stddev: 7.63 PSNR:30.47 bytes:7602176
b588110bebb48b5a1815ac26d0f0c9cc *./data/a-mpeg2.mpg
ddfa5c618dab54df0f47976ddd55d90f *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 7.65 PSNR:30.44 bytes:7602176
345b79f7afe43abc0128a7b1d5fff949 *./data/a-mpeg2i.mpg
5df468301367ed2dde5f064bf4c17301 *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 7.96 PSNR:30.10 bytes:7602176
826f088b9b3d051642f51e05860c9738 *./data/a-mpeg2i.mpg
af80cb3a57800a0870273f62697ba29f *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 7.93 PSNR:30.13 bytes:7602176
d0dc46dd831398237a690ebbeff18b64 *./data/a-msmpeg4v2.avi
712aa6c959d1d90a78fe98657cbff19c *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 8.11 PSNR:29.94 bytes:7602176
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ do_ffmpeg $raw_dst -y -i $file -f rawvideo $raw_dst
# mpeg2 encoding interlaced
do_ffmpeg $file -y -qscale 10 -f pgmyuv -i $raw_src -vcodec mpeg2video -f mpeg1video -ildct $file
do_ffmpeg $file -y -qscale 10 -f pgmyuv -i $raw_src -vcodec mpeg2video -f mpeg1video -ildct -ilme $file
# mpeg2 decoding
do_ffmpeg $raw_dst -y -i $file -f rawvideo $raw_dst
......@@ -5,9 +5,9 @@ stddev: 4.93 PSNR:34.25 bytes:7602176
aa0f088777131d8ffb627e6ff37312ca *./data/a-mpeg2.mpg
830e7d798089ea6213e0867fd7676fde *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 4.95 PSNR:34.22 bytes:7602176
ed480119089c61ba5a5a8668675c7d49 *./data/a-mpeg2i.mpg
a6ec3343ce12d72ccc7d0d8303b84781 *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 4.96 PSNR:34.20 bytes:7602176
aff7511e16a07314cac0489d3dbc4477 *./data/a-mpeg2i.mpg
6199bac131333a8dba043e69b2071dd0 *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 4.97 PSNR:34.19 bytes:7602176
14db391f167b52b21a983157b410affc *./data/a-msmpeg4v2.avi
fc8881e0904af9491d5fa0163183954b *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 5.29 PSNR:33.64 bytes:7602176
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