Commit 6a399854 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov
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cmdutils: remove ansi from the list of broken codecs.

It's not relying on get_buffer() initializing the frame since
parent 238614de
......@@ -1566,7 +1566,7 @@ static int alloc_buffer(FrameBuffer **pool, AVCodecContext *s, FrameBuffer **pbu
/* XXX this shouldn't be needed, but some tests break without this line
* those decoders are buggy and need to be fixed.
* the following tests fail:
* ansi, aasc, fraps-v1, qtrle-1bit
* aasc, fraps-v1, qtrle-1bit
memset(buf->base[0], 128, ret);
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