Commit 6adf4290 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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configure: Move inet_aton check into network function check block

parent 9c029f67
......@@ -3791,6 +3791,7 @@ if ! disabled network; then
check_type netinet/sctp.h "struct sctp_event_subscribe"
check_func getaddrinfo $network_extralibs
check_func getservbyport $network_extralibs
check_func inet_aton $network_extralibs
# Prefer arpa/inet.h over winsock2
if check_header arpa/inet.h ; then
check_func closesocket
......@@ -3825,7 +3826,6 @@ check_func getopt
check_func getrusage
check_struct "sys/time.h sys/resource.h" "struct rusage" ru_maxrss
check_func gettimeofday
check_func inet_aton $network_extralibs
check_func isatty
check_func localtime_r
check_func ${malloc_prefix}memalign && enable memalign
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