Commit 6de06295 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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fix 16 CABAC_BIT * 10l bug introduced in r6578

Originally committed as revision 7440 to svn://
parent d28ef270
......@@ -6224,7 +6224,10 @@ decode_intra_mb:
// FIXME The two following lines get the bitstream position in the cabac
// decode, I think it should be done by a function in cabac.h (or cabac.c).
ptr= h->cabac.bytestream;
if (h->cabac.low&0x1) ptr-=CABAC_BITS/8;
if(h->cabac.low&0x1) ptr--;
if(h->cabac.low&0x1FF) ptr--;
// The pixels are stored in the same order as levels in h->mb array.
for(y=0; y<16; y++){
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