Commit 6e587953 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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cosmetics: Change the order of mlp parser objects to be consistent.

Originally committed as revision 15697 to svn://
parent a79d1aed
......@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ OBJS-$(CONFIG_H261_PARSER) += h261_parser.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_H263_PARSER) += h263_parser.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_H264_PARSER) += h264_parser.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MJPEG_PARSER) += mjpeg_parser.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MLP_PARSER) += mlp.o mlp_parser.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MLP_PARSER) += mlp_parser.o mlp.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MPEG4VIDEO_PARSER) += mpeg4video_parser.o h263.o mpeg12data.o mpegvideo.o error_resilience.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MPEGAUDIO_PARSER) += mpegaudio_parser.o mpegaudiodecheader.o mpegaudiodata.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MPEGVIDEO_PARSER) += mpegvideo_parser.o mpeg12.o mpeg12data.o mpegvideo.o error_resilience.o
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