Commit 6e9bbc65 authored by Mohammad Alsaleh's avatar Mohammad Alsaleh Committed by Anton Khirnov
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id3v2: Match PIC mimetype/format case-insensitively

Some files' embedded art seems to have the mimetype 'image/JPG' instead
of 'image/jpg'. Libav fails to parse those because it matches

Use av_strncasecmp() to fix this behaviour.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMohammad Alsaleh <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnton Khirnov <>
parent 575db883
......@@ -450,7 +450,7 @@ static void read_apic(AVFormatContext *s, AVIOContext *pb, int taglen, char *tag
/* mimetype */
taglen -= avio_get_str(pb, taglen, mimetype, sizeof(mimetype));
while (mime->id != AV_CODEC_ID_NONE) {
if (!strncmp(mime->str, mimetype, sizeof(mimetype))) {
if (!av_strncasecmp(mime->str, mimetype, sizeof(mimetype))) {
id = mime->id;
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