Commit 73393407 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov
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FATE: add a test for amix audio filter.

parent 67ef5f4e
FATE_AMIX += fate-filter-amix-simple
fate-filter-amix-simple: CMD = avconv -filter_complex amix -i $(SRC) -ss 3 -i $(SRC1) -f f32le -
fate-filter-amix-simple: REF = $(SAMPLES)/filter/amix_simple.pcm
FATE_AMIX += fate-filter-amix-first
fate-filter-amix-first: CMD = avconv -filter_complex amix=duration=first -ss 4 -i $(SRC) -i $(SRC1) -f f32le -
fate-filter-amix-first: REF = $(SAMPLES)/filter/amix_first.pcm
FATE_AMIX += fate-filter-amix-transition
fate-filter-amix-transition: tests/data/asynth-44100-2-3.wav
fate-filter-amix-transition: SRC2 = $(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/asynth-44100-2-3.wav
fate-filter-amix-transition: CMD = avconv -filter_complex amix=inputs=3:dropout_transition=0.5 -i $(SRC) -ss 2 -i $(SRC1) -ss 4 -i $(SRC2) -f f32le -
fate-filter-amix-transition: REF = $(SAMPLES)/filter/amix_transition.pcm
$(FATE_AMIX): tests/data/asynth-44100-2.wav tests/data/asynth-44100-2-2.wav
$(FATE_AMIX): SRC = $(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/asynth-44100-2.wav
$(FATE_AMIX): SRC1 = $(TARGET_PATH)/tests/data/asynth-44100-2-2.wav
$(FATE_AMIX): CMP = oneoff
FATE_ASYNCTS += fate-filter-asyncts
fate-filter-asyncts: SRC = $(SAMPLES)/nellymoser/nellymoser-discont.flv
fate-filter-asyncts: CMD = pcm -i $(SRC) -af asyncts
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