Commit 74498eb4 authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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cast to correct type, suppress warnings

Originally committed as revision 26948 to svn://
parent 73d046e2
......@@ -2542,7 +2542,7 @@ int sws_scale(SwsContext *c, uint8_t* src[], int srcStride[], int srcSliceY,
int v= av_clip_uint8(((RV*r + GV*g + BV*b)>>RGB2YUV_SHIFT) + 128);
pal[i]= y + (u<<8) + (v<<16);
src2[1]= pal;
src2[1]= (uint8_t*)pal;
// copy strides, so they can safely be modified
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