Commit 747069e2 authored by Luca Abeni's avatar Luca Abeni
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Properly initialize AVFrames to default values in the MPEG decoder (fixes

the AVFrame pts when decoding MPEG 1 and 2 video)

Originally committed as revision 19136 to svn://
parent 9d58d471
......@@ -554,6 +554,9 @@ av_cold int MPV_common_init(MpegEncContext *s)
CHECKED_ALLOCZ(s->picture, MAX_PICTURE_COUNT * sizeof(Picture))
for(i = 0; i < MAX_PICTURE_COUNT; i++) {
avcodec_get_frame_defaults((AVFrame *)&s->picture[i]);
CHECKED_ALLOCZ(s->error_status_table, mb_array_size*sizeof(uint8_t))
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