Commit 74c2f1fb authored by Vitor Sessak's avatar Vitor Sessak
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Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-04-23 20:46:17

Originally committed as revision 13339 to svn://
parent 6a0c770b
......@@ -346,14 +346,13 @@ static int parse_outputs(const char **buf, AVFilterInOut **currInputs,
* Parse a string describing a filter graph.
int avfilter_parse_graph(AVFilterGraph *graph, const char *filters,
AVFilterInOut *inouts, AVClass *log_ctx)
AVFilterInOut *openLinks, AVClass *log_ctx)
int index = 0;
char chr = 0;
int pad = 0;
AVFilterInOut *currInputs = NULL;
AVFilterInOut *openLinks = inouts;
do {
AVFilterContext *filter;
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