Commit 788c82e3 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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libvpx now has an (L)GPL-compatible license.

Originally committed as revision 23482 to svn://
parent 3511242d
......@@ -46,7 +46,3 @@ version needs to be upgraded by passing --enable-version3 to configure.
The nonfree external library libfaac can be hooked up in FFmpeg. You need to
pass --enable-nonfree to configure to enable it. Employ this option with care
as FFmpeg then becomes nonfree and unredistributable.
The libvpx external library has a license that is (L)GPL incompatible. If you
combine it with FFmpeg the resulting binaries are unredistributable. Thus you
need to pass --enable-nonfree to configure to enable it.
......@@ -2343,7 +2343,6 @@ die_license_disabled gpl postproc
die_license_disabled gpl x11grab
die_license_disabled nonfree libfaac
die_license_disabled nonfree libvpx
die_license_disabled version3 libopencore_amrnb
die_license_disabled version3 libopencore_amrwb
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