Commit 789237ca authored by Luca Abeni's avatar Luca Abeni
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Mark some variables as possibly unused to avoid warnings

Originally committed as revision 21775 to svn://
parent 628bc5e8
......@@ -386,7 +386,7 @@ static inline void yuv2nv12XinC(int16_t *lumFilter, int16_t **lumSrc, int lumFil
int Y2=1<<18;\
int U=1<<18;\
int V=1<<18;\
type *r, *b, *g;\
type attribute_unused *r, *b, *g;\
const int i2= 2*i;\
for(j=0; j<lumFilterSize; j++)\
......@@ -265,14 +265,16 @@ static int func_name(SwsContext *c, uint8_t* src[], int srcStride[], int srcSlic
for(y=0; y<srcSliceH; y+=2){\
dst_type *dst_1= (dst_type*)(dst[0] + (y+srcSliceY )*dstStride[0]);\
dst_type *dst_2= (dst_type*)(dst[0] + (y+srcSliceY+1)*dstStride[0]);\
dst_type *r, *g, *b;\
dst_type attribute_unused *r, *b;\
dst_type *g;\
uint8_t *py_1= src[0] + y*srcStride[0];\
uint8_t *py_2= py_1 + srcStride[0];\
uint8_t *pu= src[1] + (y>>1)*srcStride[1];\
uint8_t *pv= src[2] + (y>>1)*srcStride[2];\
unsigned int h_size= c->dstW>>3;\
while (h_size--) {\
int U, V, Y;\
int attribute_unused U, V;\
int Y;\
#define EPILOG(dst_delta)\
pu += 4;\
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