Commit 7b393736 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov
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ffmpeg.c: allow using negative file indices to disable metadata copying

Originally committed as revision 25706 to svn://
parent 1e80a0ea
...@@ -2346,6 +2346,8 @@ static int transcode(AVFormatContext **output_files, ...@@ -2346,6 +2346,8 @@ static int transcode(AVFormatContext **output_files,
int out_file_index = meta_data_maps[i][0].file; int out_file_index = meta_data_maps[i][0].file;
int in_file_index = meta_data_maps[i][1].file; int in_file_index = meta_data_maps[i][1].file;
if (in_file_index < 0 || out_file_index < 0)
METADATA_CHECK_INDEX(out_file_index, nb_output_files, "output file") METADATA_CHECK_INDEX(out_file_index, nb_output_files, "output file")
METADATA_CHECK_INDEX(in_file_index, nb_input_files, "input file") METADATA_CHECK_INDEX(in_file_index, nb_input_files, "input file")
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