Commit 7bcef848 authored by Aurelien Jacobs's avatar Aurelien Jacobs

fix dependencies of vp5 and vp6 decoders after r23915

they now also depends on cabac.o for ff_h264_norm_shift

Originally committed as revision 23937 to svn://
parent 383b25fd
......@@ -372,9 +372,9 @@ OBJS-$(CONFIG_VORBIS_ENCODER) += vorbis_enc.o vorbis.o \
OBJS-$(CONFIG_VP3_DECODER) += vp3.o vp3dsp.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_VP5_DECODER) += vp5.o vp56.o vp56data.o vp56dsp.o \
vp3dsp.o cabac.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_VP6_DECODER) += vp6.o vp56.o vp56data.o vp56dsp.o \
vp3dsp.o vp6dsp.o huffman.o
vp3dsp.o vp6dsp.o huffman.o cabac.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_VP8_DECODER) += vp8.o vp8dsp.o vp56.o vp56data.o \
h264pred.o cabac.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_VQA_DECODER) += vqavideo.o
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