Commit 7be8716a authored by Alex Beregszaszi's avatar Alex Beregszaszi
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forgot to commit this

Originally committed as revision 3447 to svn://
parent e69538fa
......@@ -107,8 +107,8 @@ stddev: 5.33 PSNR:33.57 bytes:7602176
3524824 ./data/a-ffv1.avi
dde5895817ad9d219f79a52d0bdfb001 *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 0.00 PSNR:99.99 bytes:7602176
fdde06d3c926a102cf2672f64890d9a5 *./data/
768691 ./data/
656c246a70e0fb8961c20eb51c87c233 *./data/
768683 ./data/
89b1946242e6998e05fc9a6e09668edd *./data/out.yuv
stddev: 3.43 PSNR:37.39 bytes:7602176
21f8ff9f1daacd9133683bb4ea0f50a4 *./data/a-mp2.mp2
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