Commit 7c2a270b authored by Luca Barbato's avatar Luca Barbato
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Minor fix

Originally committed as revision 5916 to svn://
parent 8047fe72
......@@ -1702,7 +1702,7 @@ static void vorbis_inverse_coupling_altivec(float *mag, float *ang,
int blocksize)
int i;
vector float m, a;
vector float m, a, s0, s1;
vector bool int t0, t1;
const vector unsigned int v_31 = //XXX
......@@ -1711,11 +1711,11 @@ static void vorbis_inverse_coupling_altivec(float *mag, float *ang,
a = vec_ld(0, ang+i);
t0 = vec_cmple(m, (vector float)vec_splat_u32(0));
t1 = vec_cmple(a, (vector float)vec_splat_u32(0));
a = vec_xor(a, vec_sl((vector unsigned int)t0, v_31)); // (a ^ sign(m))
t0 = vec_and(a, t1);
t1 = vec_andc(a, t1);
a = vec_add(m, t0);
m = vec_sub(m, t1);
a = vec_xor(a, (vector float) vec_sl((vector unsigned int)t0, v_31));
s0 = vec_and(a, t1);
s1 = vec_andc(a, t1);
a = vec_add(m, s0);
m = vec_sub(m, s1);
vec_ste(a, 0, ang+i);
vec_ste(m, 0, mag+i);
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