Commit 7da71a5c authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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xvid qpel bug autodetect

Originally committed as revision 1064 to svn://
parent 03e93d35
......@@ -4328,6 +4328,8 @@ static int decode_user_data(MpegEncContext *s, GetBitContext *gb){
skip_bits(gb, 8);
/* divx detection */
e=sscanf(buf, "DivX%dBuild%d", &ver, &build);
e=sscanf(buf, "DivX%db%d", &ver, &build);
......@@ -4336,11 +4338,10 @@ static int decode_user_data(MpegEncContext *s, GetBitContext *gb){
s->divx_build= build;
printf("This file was encoded with DivX%d Build%d\n", ver, build);
if(ver==500 && build==413){
printf("WARNING: this version of DivX is not MPEG4 compatible, trying to workaround these bugs...\n");
/* ffmpeg detection */
e=sscanf(buf, "FFmpeg%d.%d.%db%d", &ver, &ver2, &ver3, &build);
e=sscanf(buf, "FFmpeg v%d.%d.%d / libavcodec build: %d", &ver, &ver2, &ver3, &build);
......@@ -4356,6 +4357,15 @@ static int decode_user_data(MpegEncContext *s, GetBitContext *gb){
printf("This file was encoded with libavcodec build %d\n", build);
/* xvid detection */
e=sscanf(buf, "XviD%d", &build);
s->xvid_build= build;
printf("This file was encoded with XviD build %d\n", build);
//printf("User Data: %s\n", buf);
return 0;
......@@ -376,6 +376,13 @@ uint64_t time= rdtsc();
s->workaround_bugs|= FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA;
if(s->avctx->fourcc == ff_get_fourcc("XVID") && s->xvid_build==0)
s->workaround_bugs|= FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA;
if(s->xvid_build && s->xvid_build<=1)
s->workaround_bugs|= FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA;
//printf("padding_bug_score: %d\n", s->padding_bug_score);
#if 0
......@@ -413,6 +413,8 @@ typedef struct MpegEncContext {
UINT8 *bitstream_buffer; //Divx 5.01 puts several frames in a single one, this is used to reorder them
int bitstream_buffer_size;
int xvid_build;
/* lavc specific stuff, used to workaround bugs in libavcodec */
int ffmpeg_version;
int lavc_build;
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