Commit 7dfef245 authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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trap signals in tests that can crash

Originally committed as revision 8727 to svn://
parent 24ba15b1
......@@ -485,6 +485,32 @@ check_exec(){
check_ld "$@" && { enabled cross_compile || $TMPE >>$logfile 2>&1; }
# exit() is not async signal safe. _Exit (C99) and _exit (POSIX)
# are safe but may not be available everywhere. Thus we use
# raise(SIGTERM) instead. The check is run in a subshell so we
# can redirect the "Terminated" message from the shell. SIGBUS
# is not defined by standard C so it is used conditionally.
(check_exec "$@") >>$logfile 2>&1 <<EOF
#include <signal.h>
static void sighandler(int sig){
int main(){
signal(SIGILL, sighandler);
signal(SIGFPE, sighandler);
signal(SIGSEGV, sighandler);
#ifdef SIGBUS
signal(SIGBUS, sighandler);
{ $code }
......@@ -1191,10 +1217,6 @@ ar="${cross_prefix}${ar}"
# Disable core dumps so that intentional execution of broken apps doesn't
# pollute the current directory.
ulimit -c 0 >/dev/null 2>&1
# we need to build at least one lib type
if disabled_all static shared; then
cat <<EOF
......@@ -1397,26 +1419,16 @@ if test "$?" != 0; then
if test $arch = "x86_32" -o $arch = "x86_64"; then
if test "$targetos" = mingw32 -o "$targetos" = cygwin; then
cat <<EOF
WARNING: The following test might cause a testapp to crash (intentionally)
resulting in the appearance of a dialog box. Please click "Don't send" and
ignore it.
# check whether EBP is available on x86
# As 'i' is stored on the stack, this program will crash
# if the base pointer is used to access it because the
# base pointer is cleared in the inline assembly code.
(check_exec) <<EOF >>$logfile 2>&1 && enable ebp_available
int main(){
check_exec_crash <<EOF && enable ebp_available
volatile int i=0;
asm volatile (
"xorl %%ebp, %%ebp"
::: "%ebp");
return i;
# check wether EBX is available on x86
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