Commit 7ef3425f authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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configure: add foo_select facility

If an option 'foo' is enabled, all options listed in foo_select
are automatically enabled, unless explicitly disabled.  In the
latter case, foo is also disabled.

Originally committed as revision 15684 to svn://
parent f7b230a7
......@@ -336,17 +336,20 @@ check_deps(){
eval dep_all="\$${cfg}_deps"
eval dep_any="\$${cfg}_deps_any"
eval dep_sel="\$${cfg}_select"
pushvar cfg dep_all dep_any
check_deps $dep_all $dep_any
popvar cfg dep_all dep_any
pushvar cfg dep_all dep_any dep_sel
check_deps $dep_all $dep_any $dep_sel
popvar cfg dep_all dep_any dep_sel
enabled_all $dep_all || disable $cfg
enabled_any $dep_any || disable $cfg
disabled_any $dep_sel && disable $cfg
if enabled $cfg; then
eval dep_extralibs="\$${cfg}_extralibs"
test -n "$dep_extralibs" && add_extralibs $dep_extralibs
enable $dep_sel
disable ${cfg}_checking
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