Commit 7f2bdb62 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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automatically detect broken opendivx codec and workaround, so bug=1 shouldnt...

automatically detect broken opendivx codec and workaround, so bug=1 shouldnt be needed anymore for mpeg4 files, if there still are files which need bug=1 then tell me ...

Originally committed as revision 973 to svn://
parent 5482970b
......@@ -4147,8 +4147,9 @@ int mpeg4_decode_picture_header(MpegEncContext * s)
s->scalability= get_bits1(&s->gb);
if(s->workaround_bugs==1) s->scalability=0;
if (s->scalability) {
GetBitContext bak= s->gb;
int dummy= s->hierachy_type= get_bits1(&s->gb);
int ref_layer_id= get_bits(&s->gb, 4);
int ref_layer_sampling_dir= get_bits1(&s->gb);
......@@ -4157,6 +4158,17 @@ int mpeg4_decode_picture_header(MpegEncContext * s)
int v_sampling_factor_n= get_bits(&s->gb, 5);
int v_sampling_factor_m= get_bits(&s->gb, 5);
s->enhancement_type= get_bits1(&s->gb);
if( h_sampling_factor_n==0 || h_sampling_factor_m==0
|| v_sampling_factor_n==0 || v_sampling_factor_m==0 || s->workaround_bugs==1){
fprintf(stderr, "illegal scalability header (VERY broken encoder), trying to workaround\n");
s->gb= bak;
goto redo;
// bin shape stuff FIXME
printf("scalability not supported\n");
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