Commit 7f7726c7 authored by Mans Rullgard's avatar Mans Rullgard
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ac3enc: use LOCAL_ALIGNED macro

Aligned local variables must use the LOCAL_ALIGNED macro to ensure
correct alignment on all systems.  The unusual size argument to
memset is required since the implementation of LOCAL_ALIGNED may
use a pointer to an array.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent 04de5bf5
......@@ -546,12 +546,15 @@ static inline float calc_cpl_coord(float energy_ch, float energy_cpl)
static void apply_channel_coupling(AC3EncodeContext *s)
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, float, cpl_coords) [AC3_MAX_BLOCKS][AC3_MAX_CHANNELS][16] = {{{0}}};
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, int32_t, fixed_cpl_coords)[AC3_MAX_BLOCKS][AC3_MAX_CHANNELS][16] = {{{0}}};
LOCAL_ALIGNED_16(float, cpl_coords, [AC3_MAX_BLOCKS], [AC3_MAX_CHANNELS][16]);
LOCAL_ALIGNED_16(int32_t, fixed_cpl_coords, [AC3_MAX_BLOCKS], [AC3_MAX_CHANNELS][16]);
int blk, ch, bnd, i, j;
CoefSumType energy[AC3_MAX_BLOCKS][AC3_MAX_CHANNELS][16] = {{{0}}};
int num_cpl_coefs = s->num_cpl_subbands * 12;
memset(cpl_coords, 0, AC3_MAX_BLOCKS * sizeof(*cpl_coords));
memset(fixed_cpl_coords, 0, AC3_MAX_BLOCKS * sizeof(*fixed_cpl_coords));
/* calculate coupling channel from fbw channels */
for (blk = 0; blk < AC3_MAX_BLOCKS; blk++) {
AC3Block *block = &s->blocks[blk];
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