Commit 7fe4c823 authored by Alex Beregszaszi's avatar Alex Beregszaszi
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nut and vcr2

Originally committed as revision 2334 to svn://
parent 16c3c1ec
......@@ -614,6 +614,7 @@ library:
@item Raw MPEG video @tab X @tab X
@item Raw PCM8/16 bits, mulaw/Alaw@tab X @tab X
@item SUN AU format @tab X @tab X
@item NUT @tab X @tab X @tab NUT Open Container Format
@item Quicktime @tab X @tab X
@item MPEG4 @tab X @tab X
@tab MPEG4 is a variant of Quicktime
......@@ -680,6 +681,7 @@ following image formats are supported:
@item Intel Indeo 3 @tab @tab X @tab only works on i386 right now
@item FLV @tab X @tab X @tab Flash H263 variant
@item ATI VCR1 @tab @tab X @tab fourcc: VCR1
@item ATI VCR2 @tab @tab X @tab fourcc: VCR2
@item Cirrus Logic AccuPak @tab @tab X @tab fourcc: CLJR
@item 4X Video @tab @tab X @tab used in certain computer games
@item Sony Playstation MDEC @tab @tab X
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