Commit 807aa2d8 authored by Reinhard Tartler's avatar Reinhard Tartler

doxygen: Help doxygen parser to understand the DECLARE_ALIGNED and offsetof macros

Without this, members that have been declare with the DECLARE_ALIGNED
macro don't show up at all in the generated documentation.
parent be73d76b
......@@ -1160,6 +1160,7 @@ INCLUDE_FILE_PATTERNS =
PREDEFINED = __attribute__(x)="" "RENAME(x)=x ## _TMPL" "DEF(x)=x ## _TMPL" \
"DECLARE_ALIGNED(a,t,n)=t n" "offsetof(x,y)=0x42" \
# If the MACRO_EXPANSION and EXPAND_ONLY_PREDEF tags are set to YES then
# this tag can be used to specify a list of macro names that should be expanded.
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