Commit 81064a80 authored by Kostya Shishkov's avatar Kostya Shishkov
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indeo3: initialise pixel planes on allocation

This prevents decoder from reading garbage from it in case of errors later.
parent fc417db3
......@@ -194,6 +194,8 @@ static av_cold int allocate_frame_buffers(Indeo3DecodeContext *ctx,
/* set buffer pointers = buf_ptr + pitch and thus skip the INTRA prediction line */
ctx->planes[p].pixels[0] = ctx->planes[p].buffers[0] + ctx->planes[p].pitch;
ctx->planes[p].pixels[1] = ctx->planes[p].buffers[1] + ctx->planes[p].pitch;
memset(ctx->planes[p].pixels[0], 0, ctx->planes[p].pitch * ctx->planes[p].height);
memset(ctx->planes[p].pixels[1], 0, ctx->planes[p].pitch * ctx->planes[p].height);
return 0;
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