Commit 813cae4b authored by Fabrice Bellard's avatar Fabrice Bellard
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image number handling

Originally committed as revision 126 to svn://
parent 84a02cdd
......@@ -62,7 +62,8 @@ typedef struct AVFormat {
origin is defined by the stream */
int (*read_seek)(struct AVFormatContext *, INT64 pts);
int flags;
#define AVFMT_NOFILE 0x0001 /* no file should be opened */
#define AVFMT_NOFILE 0x0001 /* no file should be opened */
#define AVFMT_NEEDNUMBER 0x0002 /* needs '%d' in filename */
struct AVFormat *next;
} AVFormat;
......@@ -194,3 +195,5 @@ void ffm_set_write_index(AVFormatContext *s, offset_t pos, offset_t file_size);
int find_info_tag(char *arg, int arg_size, const char *tag1, const char *info);
int get_frame_filename(char *buf, int buf_size,
const char *path, int number);
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