Commit 8156056e authored by John Dalgliesh's avatar John Dalgliesh Committed by Diego Biurrun
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It's not possible to portably echo a backslash, use printf instead.

patch by John Dalgliesh, johnd **at** defyne **dot** org

Originally committed as revision 6004 to svn://
parent d4596ae3
......@@ -2107,10 +2107,11 @@ if test "$amr_if2" = "yes" ; then
echo "AMR_CFLAGS=-DIF2=1" >> config.mak
# Apparently it's not possible to portably echo a backslash.
if test "$asmalign_pot" = "yes" ; then
echo '#define ASMALIGN(ZEROBITS) ".align " #ZEROBITS "\n\t"' >> $TMPH
printf '#define ASMALIGN(ZEROBITS) ".align " #ZEROBITS "\\n\\t"\n' >> $TMPH
echo '#define ASMALIGN(ZEROBITS) ".align 1<<" #ZEROBITS "\n\t"' >> $TMPH
printf '#define ASMALIGN(ZEROBITS) ".align 1<<" #ZEROBITS "\\n\\t"\n' >> $TMPH
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