Commit 81fc2f37 authored by Kostya Shishkov's avatar Kostya Shishkov
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Remove check for input buffer size as it does not guarantee that

decoder will not run out of output buffer bounds (and all suspected
decoders have their own checks now).

Originally committed as revision 10567 to svn://
parent a98bb16d
......@@ -962,8 +962,7 @@ int attribute_align_arg avcodec_decode_audio2(AVCodecContext *avctx, int16_t *sa
return -1;
if(*frame_size_ptr < FF_MIN_BUFFER_SIZE ||
*frame_size_ptr < avctx->channels * avctx->frame_size * sizeof(int16_t) ||
*frame_size_ptr < buf_size){
*frame_size_ptr < avctx->channels * avctx->frame_size * sizeof(int16_t)){
av_log(avctx, AV_LOG_ERROR, "buffer %d too small\n", *frame_size_ptr);
return -1;
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